Advocacy and governance


In an era of distrust of governments, legislative institutions, business and media, it is essential that both those who are in positions of decision-making on behalf of the public, and those who seek to influence them, should govern and advocate for the public good, as only through doing so can trust be rebuilt.

Members of tribes whether these are nationalities or political parties, often develop a fear of “the other” simply because the other side appears to hold different perspectives and assumptions. Just as organizations become more creative and productive when learning to manage perceived differences, public policy also becomes more productive on behalf of the general welfare when win-win solutions replace a zero sum approach. Clark Plexico’s seminars and workshops in Advocacy and Governance take this approach.

Based upon his personal experience and expertise, both in the United States and abroad, Mr. Plexico has assisted individual candidates and office holders, as well as political parties and civil society organizations to achieve their goals of being more effective and accountable. His seminars and workshops in this field include:

  • How to Organize Campaigns and Win Elections

  • What to Do After You Win - Being an Effective Office Holder

  • Constituency Outreach and Service - Being Responsive to Constituents

  • Legislative/Parliamentary Oversight

  • How to Conduct Effective Advocacy Campaigns

  • Understanding Democratic Principles - What Democracy Is and Isn’t

Mr. Plexico’s knowledge of politics, advocacy and good governance comes from personal experience in these areas. He was elected to four terms in the North Carolina Senate.  He is an experienced campaigner, having won two primary elections, and four general elections, including unseating an incumbent senator. Mr. Plexico was also elected as a Delegate to the National Democratic Convention. He understands how to win elections and helps others do the same.

As Senator, Mr. Plexico was Chair of important committees, including both the Education and the Education Appropriations Committees with responsibility for approximately two-thirds of the state budget. From his Senate experience, Mr. Plexico gained a full understanding of the workings of legislative bodies, committee work, and constituency service.

In Afghanistan with staff from NDI

In Afghanistan with staff from NDI

After serving as State Senator, Mr. Plexico was State President for Law & Government Affairs for AT&T.  As a result of holding both of these positions, Mr. Plexico has a unique understanding of the role of advocacy and how to effectively advocate for an organization’s position on issues.  In his role with AT&T he was responsible for the development and implementation of all public policy initiatives in North Carolina, directed legislative and regulatory advocacy, managed the grass-tops and grass-roots efforts, led the corporate citizenship involvement and directed the company’s philanthropy in the state. He also served as Director of Political Advocacy for the nine-state region, and was the National Corporate Representative to the National Attorneys-General Association.

As president of his own consulting company, Mr. Plexico has assisted organizations in the development of their advocacy campaigns, as well as successfully advocating  on their behalf.  He has been the lead consultant for many non-profit organizations, particularly those relating to international education and cross cultural understanding, children’s issues, environmental protection, and electoral reform.

Clark Plexico served as Country Director in Uzbekistan and Director of Political Processes in Afghanistan for the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs – an organization whose board chair is Madeline Albright, the former U.S. Secretary of State. In those roles he worked with parliament, political party leaders, political party members, election commissions, and civil society organizations. He was responsible for representing the organization in the diplomatic and international communities in both of those countries.

Mr. Plexico has also led seminars for parliamentarians, civil society leaders, and political candidates in Eurasia, the Middle East and Asia.